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Businesses are turning to cash discount programs more often to help offset the cost of high rate rewards cards and other costs associated with credit card acceptance. 

With Shift4’s New Advantage Program you can virtually eliminate your credit card processing fees and reward your cash paying customers. By adding a non-cash adjustment to all credit card purchases, this incentivizes your customers to use cash versus credit card for their purchases. The program is fully built into the point of sale system and the results are significant savings for your business!

Benefits of Advantage Program:

  • Eliminate Credit Card Processing Fees
  • Increased Bottom Line Profitability 
  • Simplified Billing and Accounting 
  • No Need for Minimum Purchase Amount 
  • Increased Cash Flow 

There is no obligation to the program.  After you have tried The Advantage Program, if you prefer traditional processing, you can easily switch back.

Most importantly the Advantage Program gives business owners a solution that is 100% compliant with card brand rules and regulations to implement this type of pricing.

To get started with The Advantage Program contact us today at or call Shawn at 844-319-6767