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Our payment platform offers the highest level of transaction and financial data security, including certified compliance with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DDS). We have powerful tools in place to ensure that our merchant’s transaction processing systems do not store or process sensitive payment card data, providing the highest level of data security available.


Our tokeniztion solution replaces sensitive cardholder data with random alphanumeric value, delivering the best solution for merchants who want to protect thier sensitive data.  Shift4 Payments actually invented tokenization in 2005 and has processed billions of tokenized transactions since introducing the technology.


Our PCI-validated P2PE solution prevents cardholder data from entering your payment environment- protectingyour customers from the harmful and costly effects of a data breach.  Many companies claim Point-to- Point encryption but few are PCI validated, which makes a difference if you want ultimate security.


Not only does our P2PE solution provide maximum security, but it drastically reduces the overhead and resources needed for PCI compliance. Businesses with P2PE do not require annual system scans and Self -Assessment Questionnaire (SAQ) requirment is reduced from over 300 questions to only 33!