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The CHARGE Anywhere® Mobile Payment Solution allows you to use your smart phone or tablet to process EMV payments securely and in real-time over any wireless network. With our best-in-class Blue- tooth EMV reader and easy-to-use mobile app, CHARGE Anywhere transforms your everyday smartphone into a complete wireless credit card terminal. This solution allows you to take advantage of card-present rates while away from the storefront.

Perfect for Mobile Merchants

This software application is the perfect solution for any merchant conducting business within a mobile environment, including:

• Retail

• Towing • Delivery

• Taxi/limo

• Contractors • And more!

Secure Processing

• Staying PCI compliant is easy while using the CHARGE Anywhere application by receiving over-the-air downloads and updates!

• Supports EMV chip cards to ensure maximum data security and reduce the chance of chargebacks.

For more information please call 844.319.6767 or email